Sometimes, a gym is just a gym: a clean and motivating place to work out and sweat your way to a better, fitter, healthier body. But sometimes, you can get lucky and find a gym that encompasses so much more.

Case in point: Sutton’s coop gym. Located in the heart of the village, the coop gym is an ideal place for locals, young and old alike, to come to the gym and create meaningful bonds that would not otherwise have taken place. Kimberley Boudreau explains. “We’re offering our services to clients who often feel alone and isolated. Coming to the gym to work out but also to meet people of different walks of life helps these clients become inspired and get out of the house,” she said. Kimberley and the team work hard to ensure that different generations bump into each other at the establishment. “We want to create a space where dialogue, and meaningful dialogue at that, can be had between people of different age groups,” said Kimberley, referring to the fact that communal spaces are slowly being lost while places like malls are taking up more and more space and significance.

This explains the gym’s bright, attractive, and sunny look. Most mornings, Kimberley greets visitors at the juice bar, which also serves as the welcome counter. Kimberley’s warm and kind disposition lends itself well to clients. “I like to think of Chairs and tables are set up to create a café-like ambiance, so that gym fans can enjoy a tea or an energizing juice after their workout.

The gym also plays host to as many conferences as possible. For example, the gym recently welcomed Mylène Paquette, who paddled across the Atlantic Ocean alone in 2013. Inspiring stories, compelling accounts, and breathtaking narratives are themes that the gym’s organization looks out for in order to bring the community closer to the gym.

Inspiring community members to keep fit, forging connections, and compelling clients to work harder to a stronger self is part of the gym’s mission, and it shows. Congrats, coop gym. Keep up the good work! For more information or to sign up for membership, go to 50, rue Principale Nord and call (450) 538-0313.