Ah, spring. When it finally arrives and brings us a well-earned respite from the cold, harsh Quebecois winters, spring is like a breath of fresh air sweeping through. In the Eastern Townships, spring time is associated to a number of exciting and exhilarating past-times: maple sugar shacking in early to late March, snacking on mountains of Coaticook ice cream, or hiking up and down mountains that stand, glistening, washed by the April rain.

On the outskirts of Sutton, at Sutton's very own ecological resort known to locals as Le Diable Vert (which can be loosely translated to mean "the Green Devil"), adventure awaits for the independent-minded. You have been warned: Vélo-Volant is not for the faint-hearted. Tackle your fear of heights at Vélo-Volant, where you are strategically seated on a bicycle that takes you for a wowing adventure as you cycle your way on a 1,000m-long circuit that meanders through treetops and gives you a breath-taking view of the sloping Vermont mountains. 

After your 45-minute cycle through the woods, you may feel disoriented as your feet hit the ground... it's an experience that simply cannot be missed! To fully enjoy the aerial experience, be sure to head over to the Diable Vert after your tour and hit the walking and hiking trails, which take you on slopes and circuits that seem to defy gravity. 

Springtime is here. You might as well enjoy it while it lasts, right?