The Superbowl and hockey nights are cool occasions when Montrealer sports fans can get together, enjoy a couple beers, swap stories on athletes, and simply enjoy the game. To take a break from routine, sometimes a night out is just what the doctor ordered.

But ambiance is a key factor when it comes to watching sports games, whether at home or at a sports bar. As such, here is a list of the top nine bars that attract people to cheer on their favourite teams.

1-Bar Chez Serge. This sports bar caters to all those who love to combine partying with good food, a large screen TV and funky vibes. A number of reductions on beers are always applicable during happy hour! Located at 5301, boul. St-Laurent, this sports bar will be sure to entertain you as you watch the Superbowl or hockey games with friends. Call (514) 663-4227 for more information.

2-Irish Embassy Pub & Grill. Who doesn’t like Irish beer or wolfing down mountains of comforting Irish food? If you feel you might indulge in a little too much beer watching a game (note: no one’s judging), a couple dishes such as the smoked meat sandwich or the pulled pork sandwich will do the trick to help sober up. Conveniently located downtown at 1234 rue Bishop, the bar is a stone’s throw away from metro stations. The hard-wood floors, copper-top bars and mahogany details make the experience all the more enjoyable, especially with 13 LCD flat screens which are strategically placed in the rooms. Contact [email protected] for more information.

3-Le Gras Dur. Enjoy an all-you-can-eat Superbowl buffet, laden with treats such as chilli, nachos, hot dogs and poutine. Wash it down with a beer for only $25. Hockey nights are always big here as well. Le Gras Dur is located at 1660, rue Jarry E. For more information, call (514) 722-4727.

4-Le Medley Simple Malt. The St-Hubert Plaza pub is well furnished and offers up to 24 beers on tap. For $40, enjoy a platter of food with a pitcher of beer. (There is also vegetarian chilli for those who want to skip the burger). The bar is located at 6206, rue St-Hubert. For more information, call (514) 271-7887.

5-Fitzroy. This place is abuzz with activity. Come play pool! There are 15 pool tables and three baby-foot tables. You can watch hockey games on 15 TV screens measuring 50 inches. For a more refined ambiance and cuisine that satisfies your cravings, come to Fitzroy at 551, Mont-Royal Est. For more information, call (514) 312-1941.

6-Helm. For $5 a pint of blonde beer and for $15 for five shooters, Helm is a great place to enjoy some booze with friends in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere.  Located at 273, rue Bernard Ouest, this bar is a great local for sports lovers who want to enjoy the game by indulging in some relatively healthy pub grub. For more information, call (514) 276-0473.

7-MR250. Two giant screens, dollar Jack Daniel shots, free wings and mac and cheese for the first 30 people to arrive at the door… what else can you ask for? These specials showcase the creative ways in which MR250 brings people out of their homes and to the bar’s doorstep. This bar is located at 250, avenue du Mont-Royal E. For more information, visit their Facebook page:

8-Kiffin. You love to watch the Superbowl, hockey games, and other sports events, but you always have a headache when you leave the bar? Not a problem at Kiffin, where a calmer atmosphere is guaranteed. For more information, visit 3439, rue St-Denis. For more information, call (514) 929-2393.

9-Lord William Pub. Shake things up with deep-fried pickles, banana pepper-mozzarella sticks, and bottomless chilli. Located in a historic building that honours its industrial heritage, the Lord William Pub also has a brunch menu that is as mouth-watering as you might hope for: three cheese omelette, croissant BLT, and eggs benedict are the big favourites. With two spacious rooms, accommodating between 30 and 100 people, the pub is located at 265, rue des Seigneurs. Call (514) 925-3777 for more information.