Let’s face it, Montreal is renowned for its bagel shops. Move over, New York.

Think crisp, moist, warm bagels that you munch as you sip your morning coffee. Spread some cream cheese and pair with smoked salmon, and you’re a happy Montrealer.

Did you know that bagels originated from Poland, where Jewish communities shaped the dough by hand in the form of a ring? History professors inform us that bagels were widely consumed by Ashkenazi Jews in the 17th century.  

Here is a list of the best 5 bagel shops in Montreal.

5. St-Viateur Bagel

It has cemented its reputation. Visitors to Montreal often beg their hosts to take them to a St-Viateur bagel shop, and we understand why. Joe Morena and his three sons, Vincenzo, Nicolo, and Roberto, attribute their success story to their employees’ loyalty and hard work for over 25 years. Did you know that St-Viateur bagel shops have been around for over 60 years?  Defining the art of bagel-making since 1957, this family-run establishment is quaint and welcoming. Be sure to go their landmark shop at 263, St-Viateur Ouest in Montreal. They are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call (514) 276-8044 for more information. https://www.stviateurbagel.com/ 

4. Brossard Bagel

Alliteration is cool! (Ok, English nerd jokes aside, the name “Brossard Bagel” is rather catchy). Check out Brossard Bagel, which is obviously located on the South Shore, and which produces hand-rolled bagels boiled in honey-flavoured water. The wood oven used to bake the bagels is made of Eastern Townships’ maple wood, which gives the bagels a remarkably interesting taste. The flavours that are offered are plentiful: poppy seed, blueberry, sesame, banana-chocolate, pumpernickel, plain, all dressed, garlic and onions, whole wheat, Montreal spices, carrot and raisin, cinnamon, coconut, onion, and flaxseed. What a selection awaits you! For more information, call (450) 465-7778 or by email at [email protected] https://www.brossardbagel.com/ 

3. Fairmount Bagel

History buffs are going to love this story. Let’s go back in time to 1919, when Isadore Shlafman arrives in Canada and opens the very first bagel shop in Montreal, a shop he dubbed “Montreal Bagel Bakery”. Crowds began to form as the demand for oven-baked bagels grew. Flashforward to 1949, where Isadore, now a grandfather, moves from St-Laurent to Fairmount street, where he purchases a fine little house. The ground floor is used for baking and the upstairs is occupied by his family. His son Jack learns the trade and voilà ! The Fairmount bakery has officially launched its wow factor. Be sure to check out this family-run business that clearly is passionate about bagel bakery. For more information, visit fairmountbagel.com or contact at [email protected].

2. Beaubien Bagel

At Beaubien Bagel, you don’t just get a bagel. You get unique, fresh, and stellar bagels, not to mention sandwiches as well (cheddar or cream cheese, cheese and tomato, smoked salmon and cream cheese, etc.). Best known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and on its insistence on using high-quality, fresh ingredients, Beaubien Bagel will be sure to please any discerning guest. Call (514) 271-2472 or visit http://www.beaubienbagel.com.

1. Bagels on Greene

You can’t say no to Greene street, lined with attractive, well-lit shops that cater to a very determined and experienced shopper. Now that you’re walking down Greene street, why not stop by at Bagels on Greene for a break? A bakery and deli combined, this family-run establishment is also renowned for its fusion menu, offering Indian classics, healthy salads, and of course bagels. For more information, call (514) 846-3773 or write to [email protected]. bagelsongreene.com

The allure of Montreal bagels is clearly on the rise. A couple months ago, Sutton-based entrepreneur Frédéric Gauld decided to open up his own bagel shop, titled “Round Top Bagels”, in Sutton, a couple hours’ drive away from the city. “I could see there was a demand for Montreal bagels in Sutton because so many Montrealers buy a chalet here and miss their bagels for breakfast,” said Gauld. Now he is so busy selling bagels that he has to hire more employees to keep up with the growing demand.

So here’s to Montreal bagels running the show. Cheers.