Owned by artist Brigite Normandin, Galerie Art Plus is a treat for the eyes. Every month, the church building is host to a new exhibit featuring a local artist who succeeds in pushing the boundaries of contemporary art a little further.

Built in 1877, the New England style United church is the ideal place to pay homage to the creative arts. The quiet atmosphere, wooden creaking floors, stained glass windows and impressive organ lend themselves perfectly to openings.

In February and March, artist Marie-Claude Lord expressed her fierce admiration and commitment to nature with her exhibit titled “Je suis roche,” an invigorating and stimulating assortment of vivid landscape canvases. Explosions of vibrant and unusual colors dominate Lord’s paintings which recreate the Eastern Townships scene.

In April, Brigite Normandin was honored to hang up works made by Denis Malo and Pierre Bourbonnais. Photographs retrieved by Pierre Bourbonnais are given new life with his project titled “Memorial.” The genesis behind Bourbonnais’ creative raison d’être is deceptively simple: to evoke memories by analyzing the process of memory-making itself. Bourbonnais collects photographs of deceased and probably long-forgotten individuals before revamping them with paint or crayon. Denis Malo offers his viewers his own unique interpretation of memory-making by drawing parallels between drawings, paintings or engravings with photos or artifacts. Intrigued by the idea of memory as a fluid concept, Denis Malo created a series of digital prints which challenge the idea that memory is static and time-bound.

Brigite Normandin is always on the go. With her sparkling gray eyes and infectious laugh, she has come to master the art of discerning artistic talent with a simple glance. An artist herself, she is able to highlight local accomplishments while constantly being on the lookout for emerging, raw talent.

Be sure to check out Galerie Art Plus located at 8, rue Maple in Sutton.