The Eastern Townships are home to antique stores for their plethora of items hailing from a number of different places and a countless number of different eras. In Knowlton, "Belles Choses" is a gem of an antique store, perfect for visitors with a keen and appreciative eye for timeless classics that antique-lovers will simply have to bring home with them.

Quebec is a province graced with a rich bilingual heritage that bears testimony to the bitter feuds and reconciliatory meetings between the French and the English, but also between the Aboriginals and the Francophones and the Anglophones. As such, antiques are priceless items that draw the visitor's attention to the artistic talent of cabinet-makers, weavers, tapestry-makers... the list goes on and on.

Be sure to check out "Belles Choses" with its distinctive and impressive array of stained glass windows, rickety chairs and tables, and dolls that will make you travel back in time. What else could you ask for on a rainy Saturday?