Sutton’s Pleasant Hotel & Café offers scrumptious breakfasts and cocktail specials as part of its new marketing plan. Meet Bertin Jacques and Michel Gagné, business partners and owners of the Pleasant Hotel and Café, a comfortable Victorian building painted in forest greens and decorated with egg white accents.

Ever since opening up six years ago, the Pleasant Hotel & Café was best known by locals and tourists for its elegant and refined restaurant dinner services. But the game plan has changed since October 2015, given that Jacques and Gagné have decided to focus more on nutritious breakfasts in the mornings and bite-size antipasti in the evenings. “The fact is that people don’t want to spend $200 a week on a special gastronomic dinner anymore,” said Gagné. “We don’t want to spend our evenings cooking up a storm in the kitchen either, which is why we have decided to focus on making our establishment slightly less formal and more relaxed in terms of ambiance.”

The ambiance is definitively zen-like. As soon as you walk into the main floor of the Pleasant Hotel & Café, you are greeted by soft music playing in the background, sofas in every corner and a bar at the far end. Jacques and Gagné have decided to decorate their indigo-coloured walls with retro-looking photographs made by Michel Piquette. Every wall is adorned with one of his photographs, which look like concentric circles that hypnotize the eyes as much as they stimulate the appetite.

As such, if you’re hungry but are looking for delectable dishes made by understated signature flourishes, you’ve come to the right place. The Pleasant Hotel & Café is now open Wednesdays to Sundays from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., open to both tourists and locals. In the mornings, visitors can go for a hearty breakfast of poached eggs served on a buttermilk biscuit with baby potatoes and braised pork belly. For a lighter option, go for the fruit salad served with Greek yoghurt and the Pleasant’s very own zucchini bread drizzled with local honey.  Visitors can also simply enjoy a bowl of café au lait accompanied by macaroons produced by a local baker, Nathalie, who originally hails from France. You can also sample some of Nathalie’s mini-tarts which are made with ingredients such as fresh butter, chocolate, nougat and lemon. For cocktail hours, visitors are encouraged to sit back and relax on the outside terrace and to nibble on antipasti and enjoy a glass of local wine.

Ideal for couples, The Pleasant is a must-visit for anyone who needs a refreshing break from the hectic pace of city life and who needs to recharge in a delectably relaxed atmosphere that serves lip-smacking good food and unparalleled service.