Food trucks. A couple years back, the word “food truck” might have raised a few eyebrows and confused people. Today, the reputation of food trucks is only garnering strength as customers buy into the practicality of eating on the go.

Festivals and big music events are ideal places for food trucks, which explains why so many line up by Place des Arts and other main arteries to attract foodies and hungry tourists. Here is a list of top food trucks that are not to be missed:

  1. The Dim Sum Montreal Food Truck specializes in Asian food that will whet your appetite and get you smacking your lips… yes, it’s that good. Pair up some shrimp dumplings with lamb skewers and wash it all down with sesame balls and honeydew bubble tea. You’re in for a treat.
  2. Boîte à Fromages. Chances are likely that you’ve probably spotted these sleek food trucks jogging up and down the streets of Montreal. Boîte à Fromages has earned itself a name by offering diners a creative twist on raclette, a Swiss dish based on heating cheese and scraping off the melted part of the semi-hard cow’s milk cheese. The oka cheese used by the owners adds a nutty and fruity flavor that packs a punch. You can spread your raclette over salted mushrooms, grilled onions or BBQ sauce. Yummy!
  3. Ô Soeurs Volantes. This place will allow you to dig your teeth into food without feeling guilty… because it’s all healthy! Your breakfast can be taken care of thanks to their nutritional smoothies and spelt or kamut muffins. Their salads are original as they are served in whole-grain tortillas. For a more substantial option, go for the pork meatballs prepared with raisin and onions.
  4. Burger Truck. Nothing saves the day like a packed burger, full to the brim with juicy ingredients. The owners of the Burger Truck have grasped this lesson perfectly. Today, you can order a plateful of schnitzel with a side order of a refreshing cucumber salad before going for a bacon-wrapped Oreo bar for dessert. Still not convinced? The poutine cheeseburger should take care of that.

Grab a bite, enjoy the music or the festivities, and take a break from fighting to get to a restaurant table. You don’t have to rely on stale sandwiches anymore. Cheers, food trucks.