Cafés are places to sit back and relax, sip an espresso or enjoy a bowl of café au lait, and watch the crowds go by. In Montreal, cafés line every single street, whether we’re talking about the busy downtown core or the leafy residential neighbourhoods. That being said, there are a couple cafés that deserve a special mention because of their unique and adventurous take on a dining facility. Here are a couple cafés that may strike your fancy.

1-Café Chat L’Heureux. Cats and coffee… what a combination! Visitors frequently walk through the door and succumb to cuteness as they tickle or pet cats that are perched on chairs or roll around on soft cushions. The idea is simple: order some food and play with cats to get your mind off of the mundane. The food is pretty awesome as well. Try the vegan sandwich made with country bread, green hummus and carrots, or please your palate with the Cat Lady, a gourmet sandwich layered with honey, goat cheese and sautéed onions. Located at 172, avenue Duluth Est in Montreal, this place is a fantastic way to get some pet therapy while enjoying some comfort food.

2-Le Cagibi is located in the ever-trendy and evolving district known by hipsters around Montreal as the Mile-End. This café and concert venue brings together music and coffee in a way that allows visitors to sample a hot or cold beverage in a quiet corner while also encouraging them to open their minds to local performers. Situated at 5490, rue St-Laurent, Le Cagibi is also renowned as a vegetarian café that promotes local businesses and that features organic and fair-trade ingredients. Quesadillas, tofu scrambles and veggie burgers attract raves here.

3-Moustache Café is a hilarious take on what is your traditional morning cuppa joe. Your drinks come decorated with moustaches and it is hard to forego a moustache-shaped cookie. (Because, you know… why not…). Located at 35, rue Beaubien Est, Moustache Café has earned high marks for its gluten-free brownies, its spacious arrangement, and is a frequent destination for students yearning for a study break. The terrace is a nice alternative to shut-in spaces after long winters. Be sure to head out there and enjoy the life of a coffee-lover… the way it should be.