To be sure, Judy Goodsell-Davies is a born artist.

Inspired by the Eastern Townships, where she grew up, Judy’s interest in painting piqued while working in sales and Interior Design in Montreal for high-end furniture companies. Upon her eventual move to Sutton, where she currently lives with her husband Brian, Judy became actively involved in the artistic scene, painting and photographing.

She can often be seen walking her poodle up and down Sutton’s streets, admiring the pastural and idyllic landscapes as she snaps photographs of animals or nature. At Bishop’s University, Judy studied sculpture, watercolour, oil and acrylic painting before obtaining her Art Studio diploma.  “I was fascinated by all the art media we were initiated to,” said Judy. “Although I liked everything I was learning, I was naturally drawn to collage, photography and computed-modified imagery.”

Her colourful artwork which was on exhibit at Le Cafetier is hard to categorize, given Judy’s penchant for diversity and experimentation. You will have a chance to admire some landscape paintings, abstract photography, and more conventional subjects (still life, for example). Some photography shots feature Calgary’s core and pay homage to Heartland, her favourite TV show, whereas others branch out in an entirely different direction, pitting us into a world of abstraction that is as mesmerizing as it can be perplexing. To be sure, Judy is not an artist who sticks to one single formula. “On the contrary, I hate to keep repeating the same theme or subject matter,” explained Judy. “I am always on the lookout for what’s new.” Her relationship with her artwork can best be described as complex. “I am so attached to my work that I find it almost hard to let my pieces go,” she said with a laugh. “It’s hard to part with my babies.”

Judy’s artwork was on display at Le Cafetier until the end of August, but you can easily contact her for to order artworks or to drop her to admire her work. For more information, please contact Judy at [email protected] or call (450) 538-1391.