How to Prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping

Black Friday, Cyber Monday


Whether you’re shopping in-store, online, or both, follow these tips to get the most out of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping experience:


Set A Budget

The best way to avoid overspending on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is to know what you plan to buy, create a comprehensive shopping list, and set a budget that you can afford. Don’t deviate from your budget once you’re out for shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Make sure to avoid opportunistic purchases unless your hard budget limit can accommodate them.


Download Shopping App and Coupon Aggregator

Heading out on Black Friday or Cyber Monday without a coupon aggregator app is like arriving at a potluck dinner party without a side dish. Do a justice to your wallet and download a free shopping app. Here are some popular shopping apps to consider:

Shopular: Shopular is a location-enabled app for your smartphone, which would automatically serve you with relevant deals when you approach your favorite stores. In addition, it has a built-in rebate feature that returns up to 25% off select purchases. So, it’s a great app to use when you plan to hit multiple retail locations on Black Friday.

Flipp: Flipp aggregates flyers and coupons from hundreds of online and physical retail shops. It also lets you upload your personalized shopping lists. Thus, it’s perfect for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The Coupons App: The Coupons App is a flyer and coupon aggregator. You can set up customizable notification on your phone to see late-breaking deals, and special Black Friday and Cyber Monday flyers.

TheBlackFriday App: TheBlackFriday’s app specializes only in Black Friday deals. So, if you’re looking for an app exclusively for the Black Friday occasion, this app would be most suitable for you. It does include deals which falls outside the Black Friday window, so it’s not only a one-trick pony.


Divide and Conquer Your Deal Grabbing Endeavors

If you want to save time and avoid duplication of your deal grabbing efforts on Black Friday, go for shopping in a group and share the shopping duties with your friend, partner, or relative before you arrive at the store. Black Friday shopping is faster, more manageable, and more fun with a friend or relative.


Arrive Early

The best sales typically happen early in the morning on Black Friday. Doorbuster sales start at 4am or 5am and wrap up by 9am or 10am, and the most coveted items tend to fly off the shelves well before then. You should also consider patronizing the retailers that remain open continuously from Thanksgiving afternoon.


Use A Price Comparison Tool

For online retailers, Cyber Monday is one of the most competitive days of the year. So, before you make an online purchase, use a price comparison app, toolbar, or browser extension to instantly compare prices at top online retailers. PriceGrabber is an industry leader for price comparison tools, but there are plenty of price comparison apps that worth checking out. You can check out this 10 best price comparison tools on Shopify blog for more details.


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