5 Facebook Marketing Trends for 2017 to Consider in Your Social Media Marketing

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Some entrepreneurs consider Facebook marketing as a temporary yet powerful tool that must be taken advantage of while it’s still in the spotlight. Others think of it as a buzzword with no practical advantages. Nevertheless, Facebook has emerged as one of the biggest marketing platforms to engage with the targeted audience. Today, Facebook marketing has become an integral part of any digital marketing strategy for driving customer acquisition and revenue growth. However, companies have to constantly update their Facebook marketing strategies to ensure that their content is still reaching its target audience. Below are 5 Facebook marketing trends you should keep in mind while formulating marketing strategies for 2017:


1. Fewer Posts with High Quality Contents Will Have Greater Engagement

The number of Facebook users has grown to 1654 million over the last five years. There are so many brands who are joining the bandwagon of Facebook marketing and making multiple posts on their Facebook pages every day. From this enormous amount of contents produced by numerous brands, Facebook uses complex algorithms to select and show the most relevant contents to the Facebook users.

Locowise conducted a small study to understand these complex algorithms of Facebook and analyze how page posting frequency impacts audience outreach, engagement, and negative feedback. The study found that businesses posting once a week or less on their official pages reached an average of 15% of the audience who liked their pages per post. On the other hand, businesses posting two to four times a week reached only 10% of the page audience. Companies which posted once a day reached a lower average of 8.42% per post. Thus, this study shows that organic reach drops with an increase in the number of posts on the Facebook page of a business. So, if you want to increase your audience outreach through Facebook marketing at the present time, you should create fewer posts with high quality contents that not only resemble your brand, but also prove relevant to your audience.   


2. Video Contents Will Be the Best Medium for Audience Outreach

Facebook users have started consuming more video contents this year, and daily views of video contents have increased from 1 billion to 8 billion in the last year. So, it is essential for businesses to leverage this trend in their favor for engaging with the potential customers. Videos are great for storytelling and connecting the audience to your brand. Businesses can also add video content to their Facebook advertisement to make a highly engaging advertisement for their products and services.

Creating, sharing, and discovering live videos on Facebook was one of the major updates that rolled out last year. Live videos offer a new way to interact and connect with your audience. Facebook recently shared a stat that Facebook users are commenting 10 times more on live videos than they do on regular videos. Thus, you should explore live videos besides regular videos in order to drive higher engagement levels with your audience.   


3. Mobile Friendly Facebook Ads and Landing Pages Would Reach More Audience

In this era of Smartphones, mobile-optimization of your social media advertisements, landing pages, and website shouldn’t be ignored. In 2015, Google announced that mobile searches surpassed desktop searches for the first time. Facebook also revealed that an increasing number of people using Facebook on their smartphones. So, if you want to reach more consumers and create more engagement with your audience, you should optimize your Facebook ads, landing pages, and website for mobile devices.


4. Run Targeted Ads to Generate Higher Conversion

Facebook advertising can be a strong tool to meet your marketing objectives. Through a wide range of advertising and audience targeting options on Facebook, businesses can reach out to millions of potential customers in any part of the world. I highly recommend creating targeted advertisements through Facebook Ads Manager instead of only boosting posts through your Facebook page interface. Over the past few years, Facebook has evolved into a paid marketing platform more than an organic one. So, it is essential for business enterprises and digital marketers to leverage the power of various adverts available on Facebook Ads Manager.


5. Consider Adding a Shop Section to Your Business Page to Sell Your Product and Service

By rolling out the Shop section for Facebook pages, Facebook has changed the way we look at e-commerce and social selling. The Shop section on a Facebook page allows a brand to list out their products and let consumers browse through the catalog for purchasing products. Facebook doesn’t charge you to add a shop section to your Page, and it won’t take any percentage of the money you make through the Shop section. So, why not leverage this free tool to create more sales and drive revenue growth?


Facebook marketing has its own unique benefits to help you grow your business. By leveraging the latest Facebook marketing trends to reach more customers, highly engage with your audience and improve your brand awareness, you’ll drive conversion on your products and services before you know it


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